The What Have Yous with No Worries.

2 min readMar 29, 2022

Heey heeey, Another week done by, back here to remanence and just have the 25flows moments with a little hakuna Matatas. Its March…..

For Hakuna Matata we do March Madness. Letssssss Dive in,

shall we?

Last week of March is here, Sunday knocked the doors and we answered. The Radio show took a hiatus for an unknown period got to work on getting that voice or tweaking it to full musical since well, talking on air is not yet my cup of tea. Other than that Sundays in studio as usual to take care of everything happening in there. Brunch Hour hosted by Banter Over Brunch queens , then Not Okay Podcast , 20s something show hosted by the beautiful Maya . talking Point ya akina Mesh and lastly Bit By Bit hosted by 2 comedians Shiku & Justine Wanda( Check them out sometime). That's a whole Sunday gone.

Juice Bar Live Xperience at the Alchemist

Later that night dropping by the Juice Bar III live experience at the Alchemist hosted by Barak Jacuzzi and friends. Oh boy that was a fire event, perfomances by Barak, Buruklyn Boyz( what took us there ), Munyax and many others. Great night, something to note, Drill has taken over the streets and we love it, Yes me, you and your friends just from the energy and vibe during their perfomance, the house was on fireeeeeeee , Ohh God it was lit .

Talking about Buruklyn Boyz ,there is an Album underway inaitwa Eastlando to London coming soon, I can tell you the drill scene is fire right now . GTA( Natty & Mandy), their peers just dropped the I See Green album this week. The album is a mature piece of art, the production is top notch with the lyrics focused on life experiences, drugs and the daily hustle.The Drill scene is going all in bana, Its fire ,great and promising to the extend the next Boiler Room event to be hosted in Kenya is a Drill ting. April its going down.

A little something to do with 25flows, by passing the copyrights on uploading music video/audio playlists on YouTube is something else, but still working on it, meanwhile playlists for The Hakuna Matata shows are available on spotify. Everything else is going smoooth. Ya kno, lets do more exploring as we come up with new stuff.

Guess its a wrap see ya next time pips. Out




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