2 min readJan 24, 2022

Hello World is always the beginning of something, small or big .

25flows has been in our heads for a year now, not just the head but also the day to day living trying to figure out how to go about it. Just a simple idea of building the Kenyan Music culture .

We listen to more foreign music than we do to our own that's no lie. The reason might be we have always been an outsourcing country and also the foreign music is way better than ours, division in the industry etc. There are so many other reasons for the stagnation in the music industry, well not really stagnation since there is new music being churned out everyday and we do appreciate it but there there is just something not adding up, the space is not where we think its supposed to be or at least that's what we think.

We have spend some time looking and getting to understand the music industry since the said ‘Music Golden Age’ in the early 2000s when Kenyan urban music was running the East African and African industry as a whole. The age where our music was authentic and original to the extend acts from different regions of Africa envied our industry. This might or might not be true, I was like 3 years old or something all I am talking about is from curiosity of getting to read and research. There is a lot to say about the past and how it went, guess what the focus is never going to be on the past but on the future, How are we going to build the culture and #PLAYKEmusic as we popularly refer to the fight towards playing our own music.

In a quest to try and build up the urban culture we will at some given points take a look at the side mirror and look behind us just to understand how far we have come and what happened back then. Someone said ‘ We cant really go forward without looking backward’’, over and over this statement has been proven right and Yes that's the route we are going to use to figure our way forward. In the meantime its all about support and building up.

Wish us all the best because this is happening, And everything is going to be happen as envisioned; collaborations, reaching out to veterans, strictly Kenyan shows, awards ceremonies, music charts, engagement between artists, producers and stakeholders etc.

Welcome to 25flows……

Blah blah blah, Its published let the river flooooooooow.




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