Hakuna Matata… Hangover edition

2 min readMar 21, 2022
KOT5Aside 9th edition

Monday night life, best of the weeks days, idk about you but for me, the day to think about how my week has been and everything in between.

Good can we talk about Hakuna Matata Show episode 2 and how it went about. A chilled out show exploring the Kenyan Chill side of music. Something rarely done(IMO) since we are a party nation. Ya know.

Hakuna Matatas, 9 am through 12pm. 3 hours of the best relaxed chilled out music, today we run up the best RnB jams featuring Karun, Baraza, MDQ ,Fena Gitu etc.

But guess what , #KOT5Aside happened I didn't show up for the show since my mfucking self had a lot of drinking to do on Sato juu ya disappointments and well haven't drunk in a minute so it happened plus we got sold some fake liquor, whatever man. Woke up Sunday evening still hangovered and couldn't feel myself. Hope everything went okay on the other side of life, well I mean in studio. Man but I was a little disappointed after being psyched up to show out Radio 254 to the Nairobi twitter community, guess it didn't happen so we druuuuuuuuuunk and got to fvcked up to see Sunday eye to eye.

For a review lets say 1st show wasn't that great from listening back, a little nervous on Air and just conversing in general. The volumes a little messy. But confidence ilkua huko juu as always. We do this and this must be done. Selection of music was great.

On top of that Sundays spend in the studio helping show production, rnning social media pages and just about everything. Its a step. Lets go Jesty/Kestar.

See you next week buddy.




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