Hakuna Matata 001.

3 min readMar 15, 2022

I mean that's what came in mind for a topic Title don't crucify the messenger.

Its Midweek time for a quick review of what the hell happened during the first Hakuna Matata Show on air. Nervous, anxious yet ready to dig in. That was the mood in the studio, 4th time doing a 3-hour show just different situations, this my show, something that we have been working for more than a year. Anyway still working on how the music focus, show setup and everything in between. Well after a few minutes I decided to follow the inner flow. Divide the 3 hour show into hourly segments:

Hour 1: Back from the day ( Elani : Barua Ya Dunia Album)

Hour 2: Hekaya Za Rumbacane( Pre Yaba Bestie Ep Launch).

Hour 3: Hakuna Matata Xtra: Kenyan Feel good music, urban pop & Hiphop.

Dig In time yessssss,

Hour 1:Elani Nostalgia.

Elani 1st album: Barua Ya Dunia Cover

went to the nostalgic moments ,playing Elani , one of the greatest music bands from the mid 2010s. The album that brought bangers like kookoo, jana usiku, milele,Zuzu , Mahindi among others. Playing tunes in between some new mellow music, a song from the album followed by 2 RnB songs from Kenya. Ended up playing 7 songs from the album. 1st hour done. Introduction of the show , what its all about , its inspiration and what to expect during the same hour.

Hour 2: Rhumba Trap ( Yabaa Special).

What is Rhumba Trap?

It’s basically a mchuzi mix of old school and new school music. When that smooth rhumba swag meets modern trap beats. Something bengaish. I mean you gerrit, if you don't gerrit forget abourit.

With the new Rhumba trap or Rhumba cane as referred by one of the sound pioneers Yabaa who was launching an EP that day. We/I decided to take an hour giving a listen to Yabaa’s discography and the whole Rhumba trap sound, playing Rhumba Trap bangers in between Yabaa’s discography plus highlighting Red Acapella( Pioneers of Rhumba Trap) with songs like Ona sasa,taabu and tena na tena with H art the band. Quite a great hour.

Hour 3: Hakuna Matata Xtra.

This concept just hit while in studio, why not?, Its Sunday midday people are already active, preparing for brunch, family link ups or even just clean ups and chillin. Why not give a Kenyan feel good music for the last hour as we talk about the here and theres of the past week and upcoming week. With songs from Muthoni Drummer Queen, Kagwe Mungai, Blinky Bill, Rabbit( King kaka ) etc.

Hey , what can I say first day is up. Had some fun hosting this out , catch the next show Banter Over Brunch.

Final verdict: This isn't the final setup of the show or how it will be on a weekly basis, just how I felt on the said Sunday. Lets take this week to review the show, come up with a playlist, plan a few things and see what next week will offer. Something about the Kenyan RnB scene is giving me the lets do this vibe. I mean with the dope great female RnB vocalists and several male acts we have and the bangers being churned out weekly .I dont know…..

Lets Call it a day. 9th March being Women's Day, Happy Women's day to every lady out there, for the men ‘irris what irris.’

Don't forget catch you next week same time same place. Frequency: 254.radio.

Peace . OUT




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