25flows: Whaaaats, Hakuna Matata 3, Youtube….

2 min readMar 29, 2022

Olaaaaa, new week same things. So much going on we had to go out of town.

So a round up thoughts, ideas everything goes. Welcome to the 25flows:

Get a seat, enjoy the views..

Hakuna Matata Ep 3

Well , it happened the 3rd episode of Hakuna Matata happened at the scheduled time, this time women's month edition playin the best mellow jams from female artists in Kenya. Special playlist by Fena on spotify : This is Fena

2 hour show :1st hour slow, mellow RnB tunes then 2nd hour full immersion in the urban pop/hip-hop music. Great day at the office.

  • Struggling with a Radio voice, good music but the radio voice is really taking me through struggles.
  • Listenership is quite low, its Sunday morning and people are used to well me on Radio.
  • Lemme take time to think about the route this will go. Frankly, we aint giving up on the Radio show concept maybe just find someone new or work on myself till I get it right.
  • Weekly newsletter with the best album of the week review/ singles and just the culture.

From a conversations and everything we might decide to focus on YouTube, creating playlists/mixes/mashups and still working on Sundays at the Studio, might also take the #Afterhours show on Fridays at the Radio.

For the YouTube lets do a little study and understand how the whole place works before we embark there.


Yeah had a sit down with Wicky( co-founder) spend Kestar a household name, A Dj known worldwide for that African sound. I remember following DJ Khaled, David Guetta, Hardwell, tomorrowland, Major League Djz. IDK but I have to do that. Thats a road I am ready to take. Lets go Jesty( Mr Kestar).

Anyway as we was saying we got a challenge on the said day, if we want to build something why not just build it?, And yes we will be going that route in the long run while working on the personal goals related to that you know. So 25flows is coming starting with a YouTube channel playing purely Kenyan music as playlists later mixes. First concept is carrying the Hakuna Matata Show to a the YouTube channel with uploads on Saturday night/Sunday mornings , chilled mellow 2 hours weekly playlists and updates on the Hakuna Matata social media handles. Then with time move to shooting of content and having interviews and all. The charts a re going great just a change of the templates to be more aesthetically pleasing and we are good to go. Anything else, Not really.

Heeeeeey see you around lets go do some research on how to bypass or rather upload playlists on YouTube with no copyright issues. See you next week pipos. Have a great one.




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